The Virkar Dynamic D drill is available in 4.5/5/6/7 meter working widths with bigger sizes in development for the future. The drill is semi mounted and has a hopper capacity of 5300lts. The drill comes on flotation tyres 550/45 22.5 which ensures compaction in field is kept to a minimum. 

Sowing rate from 2 to 380 kg/ha is achievable from one feed roller. Row width is dependent on customers preference and can be either 19cm or 25 cm row. The modular coulter design consists of a single seeding disc, which is on a hydraulically pressured arm which insures the  disc can cut a clean slot in the soil and create a micro tilth for  where the seed will be planted. Following the seeding disc is double press wheel which closes the slot, The angle of these can be adjusted. The drilling coulters work off a big accumulator all the coulters are linked together, this allows for very effective ground contour following with every coulter being able to travel up to 35 cm meaning even seed depth is achieved even in the most uneven terrain. Having the drill working off this accumulator means it is easy to change the pressure of the coulters, by a control box in the cab a dial is turned and from that more pressure is applied to the coulters which means even the hardest of ground is no problem to drill into. Each coulter can apply 0/250kg of pressure to the ground. The seed depth is easily adjusted by a simple pull out pin the wheels can then be lifted, up or down and then the pin placed back meaning easy change of the depth.

The seed hopper has the option of splitting the tank 65% seed 35% fert running through 2 metering systems. In addition, liquid Fert can be specified as option.

Free Drive the steering axle provides new freedom sowing on a curved path, the system frees up tension in the coulters arms meaning less stress is put on components leading to longer working life.

Long life bushings for low maintenance, all sealed bearings on discs and press wheels so easy to maintain.

Easy Vario controls in a simple way an advanced hydraulic system to lift lower and adjust coulter pressure from control box in the cab meaning adjustments can be made easily on the move without need to stop meaning a more productive working day.

The drill comes ISOBUS ready and the seeding part can run through the tractors terminal and be set up to undertake variable rate seeding if necessary.

The drill is very easy to pull because of its low disturbance meaning a 6-meter drill can be pulled by 180hp the drill requires 4 spools if fitted with hydraulic drive for fan or 3 spools if drill is fitted with PTO pump to run the fan. The drill comes standard with Led work lights and tank lights a decent size toolbox calibration bag and scales.



Wheel with flotation tyre

500 / 45-22,5

Hopper capacity

5.300 l

Machine weight

4.500 kg*

Seed distribution

Pneumatic seeding system

Seeding rate

From 2 to 380 kg/hectare

Distance between seed units

19cm / 25cm



Transport folding

Separate side panels with automatic locks


Mechanics / Hydraulics (GPS) / Electrical (ISOBUS)

Hydraulic system

Autonomous / Tractor

Opener and depth control

Total Contour system with quick height adjustment

Working height range


Minimum working radius


Minimum tractor power required


Standard accessories


  • LED work light
  • Toolbox
  • Machine lifting System
  • Directional axis

Additional features


  • Solid fertilizer (35% – 65%)
  • 2 Seeding areas
  • Seed shutter detector