Grassland Pro Harrow 6m

The Grassland Pro Harrow 6m also known as the "Endless Power Of Impact" is suited well for large meadow cultivation, reseeding & the new seeding of grass. Using the combination of both 12mm & 8mm tines the soil is optimally processed. 

Benefits of the GP Implements:

  • Combine the processes: levelling, pulling out, seeding (combined with the PS), harrowing & rolling 
  • Both roller and the harrow can be lifted separately in order to load the other tool with additional weight 
  • Level molehills or asperities with the spring-mounted levelling plate 
  • Multiple adjustment options: obtain an optimal result for all requirements
  • Combine the APV Grassland Pro Harrow with a PS Seeder
  • Can also be used in agriculture
  • Highest power of impact in own operation or in cross-farm operation 

Items Included:

  • Complete implement with 3 harrow sections and roller
  • Spring-mounted levelling plate
  • Harrow sections with cranked 12 mm tines (78), 8 mm tines (114)
  • Heavy grassland Cambridge roller (Ø 530 mm) or toothed ring roller (Ø 410 mm)
  • 25 km/h version


Technical Data

Grassland Pro Harrow

Working width

6 m

Weight (Cambridge roller 530 mm) Full Edition

3,800 kg

Weight (Toothed ring roller 410 mm) Full Edition

4,000 kg


2 tyres (400/60-15.5")

Mounting category


Tractor performance

from 100 kW / 140 HP