The LDS is available in working widths of 3-5 meters .  

The low disturbance Subsoiler is specially design to work in conjunction with 'zero 'and 'minimal tillage' crop establishment systems. It has the ability to alleviate compaction with the absolute minimum of surface disturbance, allowing oxygen and water infiltration. A serrated straight cutting disc cuts a clear slot for the following loosening leg in trashy high residue situations. Low disturbance winged points then lift and shatter the soil profile across the working width of the machine, followed by a consolidating packer roller to suit different soil types. The LDS can be fitted with a Sumo Seeder kit which enables it to be used to establish oilseed rape and over winter cover crops in one pass. Because of the low soil disturbance weed germination is kept to a minimum.

  • Straight front serrated disc on shock resident rubber mounts.
  • 500mm leg spacing .
  • Choice of two loosening leg options.
  • Pin adjustable low disturbance loosening legs ( 100-350mm working depth).
  • Choice of four packers consisting of a tyre packer, flat packer, ring packer, and multipacka .
  • Cat 3-4 headstock.
  • Road led lighting kit.
  • Seeder kit option for OSR establishment.