The DTS is available from the 3 meter  mounted up to the 9 meter tailed.

The Deep Tillage Seeder is based on a concept known as 'strip till drilling', a method of loosening and preparing a band of soil where the seed is to be placed, leaving the soil in between undisturbed. The specific working widths and row spacing's of the DTS mean it can be used alongside other machinery as a controlled traffic policy.


  • Seed and Fertiliser options available for all trailed models.
  • Individually mounted seeding elements that follow the ground contours, are governed by a constant pressure hydraulic system.
  • Leading opener disc cuts through trash.
  • Single tungsten edge deep loosening auto reset leg capable of a maximum working depth of 250mm.  
  • Wide band (approx 120mm ) or narrow row seed opener boots place seed in the loosened strip.
  • Covering discs channel loosened soil over the seed.
  • Foam filled press wheels firm the soil around the seed and also govern the sowing depth of the coulters.
  • Unique lift and fold system of the wings and transport wheels on a simple heavy duty pivoting mid section headstock. 
  • ORGA metering as standard.
  • LED lighting kit and hydraulic brakes as standard.
  • Heavy duty axle allows for easy and safe road transport.
  • Camera and LED work lights as standard.
  • Variable rate drilling.
  • One touch calibration makes for a quick change between crops enabling you to get drilling as soon as possible.
  • Half width shut off on 6-9 meter working width machines.
  • GPS compatible.
  • Outputs of between 1 and 350kg/ha.