Trailed Mixidisc

The Trailed Mixidisc is available from 4-7M with power requirements from 140-260HP. All machines fold for transport to 3M.

The Trailed Mixidisc is designed for high speed stubble cultivation to quickly incorporate and mulch large volumes of crop residues, and create a micro tilth in the soil for fast germination of volunteer and weed seeds in one pass.

It can also be used for seed bed preparation, straw harrowing and furrow leveling, with low power requirement.

  • Parallel drawbar, lights, soil retainers and brakes as standard.
  • Two rows of 500mm diameter X - Formation discs mounted in pairs of independent rubber suspended arms set at an optimum angle and spacing.
  • Patented Multipacka featuring 609mm barrel and replaceable shouldered ring for optimum firming of the soil and leaving a weatherproof finish.
  • Working depth between 20mm and 140mm with 20mm increment adjustment.
  • Hydraulically adjustable leveling paddles.
  • Options include rear drawbar, wheel eradicators and linkage mounted drawbar. Air brakes and third service kit.