Grassland Pro Harrow 3m

The Grassland Pro Harrow 3m also known as the "Full Efficiency For Reseeding" is suited for meadow cultivation, reseeding and seeding of new grass. The Grassland Pro Harrow (GP) has 4 tine rows with a thickness of 12mm, when combined with the weight of the roller the GP turns into a truly professional reseeding machine. 

Benefits of the GP implements:

  •  Combine the processes: levelling, pulling out, seeding (combined with a PS), harrowing and rolling
  • Both the roller and the harrow can be lifted separately in order to load the other tool with additional weight
  • Level molehills or asperities with the spring-mounted levelling plate 
  • Multiple adjustments options: obtain an optimal result for all the requirements
  • Combine the APV Grassland Pro Harrow with a PS 

Items Included:

  • Complete implement with 2 harrow sections and roller
  • Spring-mounted levelling plate
  • Harrow sections with cranked 12 mm tines (40), 8 mm tines (56)
  • Heavy grassland Cambridge roller (Ø 390 mm or Ø 530 mm) or toothed ring roller (Ø 410 mm)


Technical Data

Grassland Pro Harrow

Working width

3 m

Weight (Cambridge roller 390 mm) Full Edition

1,355 kg


Weight (Cambridge roller 530 mm) Full Edition

1,665 kg


Weight (Toothed ring roller 410 mm) Full Edition

1,765 kg

Mounting category

CAT 2 (mast height CAT 3)

Tractor performance

from 65 kW / 90 HP