Mounted & Trailed Subsoiler

The mounted Subsoiler is available from the 3 leg 2.7M working width up to the 7 leg 4.55m working width.

The Trailed Subsoiler is available form the 7 leg 4.7M working width  up to the 9 leg 5.9M working width, these machine fold to 2.9M for transport. 


All arable Subsoilers feature a V-shaped frame which lets the soil and trash flow more efficiently, allowing the legs to be run close together, giving total loosening. The design of the Subsoiler point/leg arrangement means that the forward mounted point creates a wedge under the soil, lifting and cracking the soil profile ahead of the leg and in doing so, opens a slot for the leg to run through reducing the amount of power needed.

The aggressive action increases the aeration, leaving the surface 50-100mm raised.The  Sumo range of Subsoilers can be used as a secondary source of cultivation, in most cases leaving the surface ready to drill.

  • 250 x 150 x 16mm main frame.
  • Cat 3 and 4 heavy duty pins.
  • Max depth 500mm.
  • Multi shear pin or hydraulic auto reset protection.
  • Pin depth adjustment.
  • Single bolt to replace the point assembly.