Trio Light

The Trio Light stubble cultivator is targeted at the smaller and medium sized farms with tractors from 100-160 HP and is three point linkage mounted. The Trio is a compact mounted cultivator for shallow or deep work, it has three tine bars which provide good mixing of post harvest residues. It has a large under beam and inter tine clearance allowing optimum mixing in high trash conditions. The Trio is available with shear bolt protection of legs guaranteeing long working life. The front and rear depth control ensures even  working

The Trio Light comes with a 520mm Tube bar crumbler and is ideal for working on light and stone free ground.


TRIO light 300

TRIO light 400

Working Width

3,00 m

4,00 m

Transport width

3,00 m

3,00 m

Number of tines



Tine spacing

30 cm

30 cm

Under frame clearance

85 cm

85 cm


1250 kg

1630 kg

HP requirement

100 HP

140 HP