A unique machine available in 3-6 meters with 4 different soil moving components, 3 of the 4 elements are hydraulically adjustable so can be used in various configurations. Disc-tine-disc-pack for trashy stubbles requiring a fine finish. Tine-disc-pack for clean stubbles, disc-disc-pack for shallow high speed cultivation,or tine-pack low surface disturbance for subsoiling and rape seeding.

  • Hydraulically depth adjustable double row of twin mounted, independently suspended, 500mm concave discs with a maximum depth of 100mm.
  • Hydraulic auto reset protected, low draught legs arranged in a two row,staggered formation coupled with the carbide tipped concord point work to a maximum depth of 400mm.
  • The second assembly of hydraulically depth adjustable mixing discs. With identical design to the frist gang, this element works to a maximum depth of 100mm giving a final mix and level in preparation for the consolidation of the packer.
  • The concluding section is the patented 609x10mm Multipacka. With its shouldered quadrant the packer achieves the well-known Sumo weatherproof finish.