Mounted Trio

The UK's number 1 one-pass cultivator.

The 2.5M and 3M machines are available with either Shearbolt protection or Auto Reset.

The 3.5M machine comes with Auto Reset.

  • Ultra-low draught subsoiler legs mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy duty toolbar.Adjustable to a maximum depth of 400mm via pins featuring a carbide tipped concord point.
  • A double row of 500mm concave discs mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms on a fully removable frame.
  • Removeable disc unit allows the Trio to be used as a subsoiler with low surface disturbance, ideal for sowing oilseed rape in one pass.
  • Patented Multipacka featuring 509x10mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs provides a total of 760mm.