PS Control Box 5.2

Control Box 5.2 also known as "The Bestseller" is the most popular version of the APV control boxes. It feautures an extensive range of functions with precise calibration for the speed, accurately regulates the electric fan and automatically performs the calibration test. 

Here are a few of the Functions:

  • Speed-independent regulation of the spread rate
  • Headland management (in combination with tractor linkage sensor)
  • Possibility for machine sensors (pressure monitor, fill level sensor)
  • Electronic seed rate adjustment (during operation)
  • Automatic calibration-test function (weight only)
  • Regulating & controlling the meter roll via the control box
  • Discharge function
  • Total hour counter and hours per day counter
  • Total hectare counter and hectares per day counter
  • Choice of different languages
  • Choice of different measurement units (metric, imperial)
  • Calibration test & display in kg/ha and grains/m²
  • Speed calibration
  • Manual override for preseeding application
  • Option to include calibration button
  • Option for regulating the electric fan
  • Display of the operating voltage and current

Control Box 5.2 can be used for 

PS 120

PS 200

PS 300

PS 500

PS 800