The pioneer has a 2500 or 3000 litre tank capacity and the proven “Self- Trak” drawbar. It is perfect for the use of vegetable crops as the wheel tracking will be precise and a key feature to oil seed rape with a smooth under belly and 600mm clearance.

The Pioneer uses a Delta 80 terminal which controls the rate of application and the joystick to control spraying and “Series 3” boom functions. The “Series 3” boom comes with tilt correction, boom lock, outer boom fold, auto boom levelling and independent variable geometry.

The “Series 3” boom comes with 3D boom suspension. The 3D suspension controls boom bounce, incline and yaw. 

The “Series 3” boom widths available are 18M, 20M, 21M & 24M as the “3 Series” allows boom widths to easily change by adding wider bolts into the boom sections.

The Pioneer also come with Precision Farming DGPS auto spray.