The Atlas has one of the lowest centres of gravity meaning it can hold a 3300 or 4400 litre capacity without compromising its stability.

To enhance stability further the heavy-duty steering axle has both leaf-spring and air-bag suspension.  The steering axle has an advanced steering sensor and a machine slope sensor to ensure the steering is accurate and has minimum headland damage.

The “Series 3” boom offers widths out to 28m but can also be folded and operated at half the width. For example, 24m boom fold to 12m. 

The Atlas uses a Delta 80 control terminal with an operator’s joystick which will control the seven spray sections. The operator’s joy stick also controls the “Series 3” boom movements through electro hydraulics.  The electro hydraulic controls height (automatically), boom, fold, tilt and independent variable geometry.

The “Series 3” boom comes with 3D boom suspension. The 3D suspension controls boom bounce, incline and yaw.